Suunto X10 Tracks Wherever You Are on Earth with GPS

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Suunto X10 Outdoor Wristop Computers with GPS Navigation

Suunto has recently introduced the new Suunto X10, the improved version of its flagship outdoor instrument, the Suunto X9i. The Suunto X10 has upgraded GPS performance, which locates your position even faster than the X9i. The Suunto X10 also records waypoints and routes, allowing users to analyze and catalog trips on a home PC. The Suunto X10 is compatible with several digital mapping services across the world, including National Geographic TOPO!, Google Earth” and Fugawi. With Suunto Track Exporter PC software, route planning and waypoint programming is fast, accurate and simple. Users can plan their routes on a digital map and download routes directly onto the Suunto X10 or print out their own customized maps. Available in two colors, the new Suunto X10 is also more dependable, with a battery that lasts 33 % longer than the X9i. Will hit the store in September, no price has been revealed so far. Its sibling X9i is priced for aroun $500.  [Suunto]


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