Survive the Wilderness With A Sardine Can

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Survival Kit Sardine Can

Survival is a bitch, and it gets worse if you only have a can of sardines with you.  But not this can of sardines.  With this, you can really survive in the wilderness because instead of funky smelling sardines you get 25 survival items: non-aspirin pain reliever, adhesive bandage, alcohol prep pad, antibiotic ointment, book of matches, compass, chewing gum, sugar, salt, energy nugget, duct tape, fire starter cube, first aid instructions, fish hook & line, note paper, pencil, razor blade, safety pin, reflective signal surface, tea bag, waterproof bag, whistle, and wire clip.  All this packed in a genuine air-tight, waterproof, crushproof can which costs nothing more than a mere $11.99.  That’s gotta be worth at least another day in your fragile life.  [ThinkGeek]


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