Stone Island Shadow Articulated Bomber Jacket

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Stone Island Shadow Articulated Bomber Jacket

Stone Island Shadow has recently launched a new Articulated Bomber Jacket from their Spring/Summer 2010 Collection. Inspired by parachutes and paratrooper uniforms, this new bomber jacket comes in a traditional Military Green colorway using Trylon-R fabric that is windproof, rain-resistant, and breathable. The jacket is available now at select retailers including FIRMAMENT or their online store, The-Glade. $733.


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Nada February 24, 2010 at 3:18 am

It is interesting to see how the classic mens bomber jacket has influenced jacket fashions. The original WWI and WWII bomber jackets were less quilted than this lightweight version, and obviously the originals were made of sheepskin, horsehide and pig skin, and yet even so the resemblance is striking.

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