Star Wars R2D2 Mini Fridge

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R2D2 Mini Fridge

This exclusive R2D2 shaped fridge had only 1000 copies ever produced. It was meant as a prize for an “Attack of the Clones” contest, back in 2002. They had it sold in 7-11 stores in Japan. The mini fridge can be set for either cold or warm. So you get to either keep your beers cold, or soup warm. But it may not be a great idea to flip it warm and cold too often. Even R2D2 can malfunction and broken if abused. The only thing about this cool looking mini fridge is that it is selling for a little over a g’s or $1070 to be exact, which can choke pretty much most average guys. But if you’re a die hard star wars fan, you may want to get your hands on this limited edition. [ToyEast VIA  GeekAlerts]


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