Solar Powered Sakku Bag

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Sakku Solar Bag

Sakku is the first bag maker from Swiss that integrates solar cells with their bags. Sakku bag provides constant power for your cellphone, GPS, iPod or PDA. They currently have two models, Sakku Traveller and Sakku Worker. The Sakku Traveller is made from recycled sail boat sail and manufactured in Switzerland, they are individually stamped with the name of the lake or sea that the boat was located. The Sakku Worker is the “small” bag. It is made of black cordura and is extremely sturdy. You can fit a 17″ notebook in it. For both models, the solar panel and batteries will only add additional weights of 400 g. Sakku Traveller (with batteries) priced at $486 , whilst Sakku Worker (with batteries) priced at $363. [SAKKU]


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