Jazz Up Your Life with this Personal Soundtrack Shirt

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Personal Soundtrack Shirt

Admit it, your life is boring, that’s why you watch movies. But truth is movies are no different than real life, so what makes your stick to the screen? After many months of research the fine folks at the ThinkGeek Labs have finally found it. Background music! Whether you’re walking the dog, sarging for hot women in the clubs, or simply chilling at the beach, background music turns a boring story into a colorful interesting scene. And now, with this Personal Sountrack Shirt from ThinkGeek, you can too. It’s a wearable audio system that will make your life more interesting. With a speaker at the front and a pocketable remote you’ll have full control of the soundtracks of your own life. You get everything from a drum roll, booing, crying, Darth Vader, and plenty more. Not happy with the default selection? Pop in an SD card full of MP3’s and you have your own customized selection. You can even plug your iPod to the shirt for an even bigger library. $39.99


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