HairMax Laser-Comb Restores Hair And Prevent Hair Loss

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HairMax LaserComb is no ordinary comb. Lexington International, the developer of the product, claims it will restore your hair and prevent hair loss by applying low-level laser therapy to your scalp. It has also passed FDA approval, and therefore safe and has no side effects. The LaserComb comes in a nice case that contains the comb–about the same size as a regular hair brush–plus an introduction DVD, a pair of spare comb teeth, and a manual. It seems to be a very easy product to use. You can acquire the special comb for $545, which is quite a setback to your bank account, but probably worth it for a one-time charge solution. You can also get the HairMax LaserComb SE Edition that’s more compact and has only five laser beams for $395. [CNET]


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