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Tokyoflash Cabriolet

Paul from Tokyoflash just emailed us about their new wrist wear collection.  These unisex designs feature a custom engraved, self-adjustable wristband engineered from brushed stainless steel, finished with a neatly designed clasp and are available with a black or clear strap.  Available exclusively from Tokyoflash for just 8,900 Japanese yen ($82, €54, £42), they’re worth every penny and you can get a discount if you register. Seen above, is the Cabriolet featuring a speedometer inspired dial with a contrasting avocado and black finish and comes with a stylish shaded effect on the lens, partly eclipsing the dial. See the rest after the jump.

Tokyoflash Tumbler
Tumbler features a rotating disc effect, similar to that of a combination lock, with a vivid white dial beneath the black glass and inscribed numerals which rotate to present the time.

Tokyoflash Tundra
Tundra has a minimalist appearance, the face representing the wide open spaces of a pristine landscape.  Shades of Cadmium orange and Cobalt blue contrast against the vibrant pattern on the band.

Tokyoflash Transceiver
Transceiver has an innovative display, inspired by a classic radio tuning dial and features a modern black and grey check background, complemented perfectly by the engraved pattern on the strap.

Tokyoflash Twilight
Twilight features a dark face with a circular dial, highlighted in bold tones of orange and blue creating an ambient presence.


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